Monday 13 August 2012

A routine linux life 2

Recently I force to cleanup all windows 7 and reinstall bt5, so, this time I try kde 32bits. Let's take a look,
pacman game, sometime confuse with pcmanfm file manager.

quite boring? so let's try another window manager, called fluxbox. Many way can start the fluxbox, for example, type kdm or gdm, then choose the fluxbox.

quite nice, and I love mostly many style available.
Double-click the title bar wouldn't max/min, instead of hide the main screen. And I found terminal called urxvt, I like the name. urxvt can config inside ~/.Xdefaults

I also change my fedora desktop, so

what the hell of those Jack-o'-lantern? Ya, I have to call idesk utility for desktop icon, just create ~/.idesktop directory and put icon .lnk file, example gkrellm.lnk:
table Icon
  Caption: gkrellm
  Icon: /root/Desktop/_start:/icon/Jack-O-Lantern.png
  X: 1000
  Y: 950
  Command[0]: gkrellm
  Command[1]: gkrellm ~/.idesktop/gkrellm.lnk

To make the auto startup apss and locate position permanently, edit the  ~/.xinitrc file, my example here:
dbus-launch usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon &
sleep 2
gnome-panel &
sleep 2
gnome-volume-control-applet &
idesk &
gkrellm &
pidgin &
nautilus --no-desktop --browser /root/Desktop/t/tx/youtube/sounds  --geometry=500x500+0+500 &
gnome-terminal --geometry=200x22+500+30 &
gnome-terminal --geometry=200x22+500+430 &
exec /usr/bin/startfluxbox

Ya, I also able to open gnome-panel on the same time, juz hide the bottom bar enough. I also trigger gnome-settings-daemon because I want the scrollbar/directory color appearance remain the same, green theme, GNOME-Colors-Wise. sleep required of course. 
No purpose for gkrellm, currently too empty, juz simply put it.
Just saying, gnome-terminal always have a bug, the copy-paste shortcut problem. Simply go to keyboards shortcuts settings, even though "Shift-Ctrl-C and Shift-Ctrl-V" is here already, but you still required to click a few time(new accelerator...)  again. 

time for ktm.