Thursday 7 February 2013 - bypass API to download

2014 may 公告: 此方法不支持 rtmpe 的 streaming。

With API, i get the client_id via registration, or just extract from browser .js source.
Assume client_id is 24b56738597c2fpikachu4ff0192a653237, then i try to find out the track id by

<id type="integer">56134538</id>
<title>shaheid t-ara Day by Day REMIX 3</title>

I know the id is 56134538 now, then call download url (if download not false)
or stream url

I require both and client_id to perform these steps, not good.

Let me show you simpler way to do it, NO api, NO client id.

Anyone can do it.

1. Open mobile version website with your browser,

2. Because we can't just visit without changing its user agent, so Press 12 (OR right click to choose Inspect Element) to pup up developer windows, then click the "wheel" icon at the bottom right to pop up Settings windows

3. Then select iphone 4 OR any mobile user agent. (You can untick the User agent to change it back.)

4. Then click x icon aon upper right to close this Settings windows.

5. For the moment don't close developer windows first, just navigate to URL bar and reload this page.

6. Now the page become mobile version of Scroll down, right click the wave form player, select Open image in new tab(or just Copy Image URL),

3. Look at the URL bar, it's Remove the and _m.png, just remains the middle H3kLBvnkJaJl.

4. Combine in front of H3kLBvnkJaJl, that's means

5. Open it on browser, download, play, and enjoy.

Gong Xi Fai Cai.

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